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From deep within the dark, damp cypress swamps of South Georgia emerges a self taught photographer who will display his work to the general public for the first time ever when he officially opens his photography gallery in the old historic district of Cottonwood, Arizona in 2017.

Unlike most professional photographers, Larry Coleman has never received any formal training nor has he ever presented his work for sale or public viewing. For the past forty-three years Larry has lived life like most other people, but his life has always included a camera at his side. After more than forty years the photographer has accumulated over sixty thousand images of just about any subject imaginable. His collection includes insects, big game, small game, birds, mountains, rivers, lakes, beaches, sunrises, sunsets, swamps, aircraft, and tropical locations to name just a few.

This website showcases many of Larry's favorite images and gives the visitor glimpses of how Larry sees the world and what places, things or events he thinks are beautiful or unique enough to preserve for the future with his camera.

Larry Coleman’s vast collection of images visually details the amazing photographic journey of an amateur photographer that has spanned over four decades.